On which exchange does Cytokinetics stock trade and what is its stock symbol?
Cytokinetics is traded on the NASDAQ Global Markets under the symbol CYTK.
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How can I purchase stock in Cytokinetics?

You will need to contact a licensed stockbroker to purchase shares of Cytokinetics.

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Where is Cytokinetics located?
Cytokinetics is located in South San Francisco, CA. Our mailing address is 350 Oyster Point Blvd, South San Francisco, CA 94080.
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Where and in which year was Cytokinetics, Inc. incorporated?
Cytokinetics, Inc. was incorporated in Delaware in 1997.
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When was Cytokinetics' IPO?
Cytokinetics' initial public offering was on April 29, 2004.
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How many employees does Cytokinetics have?
As of November 2022, Cytokinetics had 400 employees.
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Who is Cytokinetics' Transfer Agent?
Our transfer agent is Computershare
P.O. Box 43078
Providence, RI 02940-3078
Phone (800) 837-8091
TDD for Hearing Impaired (800) 952-9245
Foreign Shareholders (201) 680-6578
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If I've lost my stock certificate or have a change of address, whom should I contact?
In these instances contact our Transfer Agent:

Standard USPS
P. O. Box 30170
College Station TX 77842

211 Quality Circle, Suite 210
College Station TX 77845 Phone (800) 837-8091
TDD for Hearing Impaired (800) 952-9245
Foreign Shareholders (201) 680-6578
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When will next quarter's earnings be announced?
Cytokinetics' financial calendar corresponds with the annual calendar and earnings announcements are typically made the last week of the month following the end of each quarter.
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When is your next annual meeting of stockholders?
Cytokinetics will announce details of the Annual Meeting in the 4th quarter and year end financial press release and conference call.
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How do I get a copy of Cytokinetics' financial statements, such as Form 10-Q, Form 10-K, Form 8-K or the Annual Report, when available?
Our Form 10-Qs, Form 10-Ks, Form 8-Ks and other reports, when available, are listed on the SEC's web site,, please search on "Cytokinetics" or visit the Investor Center's SEC links within this website to visit the SEC's web site.
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Which financial analysts cover Cytokinetics?
The sell-side analysts which cover Cytokinetics are listed within the Financial Analysts Page of this web site.
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Who are Cytokinetics' independent auditors?
Cytokinetics' independent auditors are Ernst & Young LLP.
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Who is Cytokinetics' external legal advisors?
Cytokinetics' external legal advisors is Cooley LLP.
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If I have questions regarding the Company, how do I contact Cytokinetics' Investor Relations?
Please contact:
Investor Relations
Cytokinetics, Inc.
350 Oyster Point Blvd
South San Francisco, CA 94080
Phone: 650-624-3060
Fax: 650-624-3070
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